Tuesday, November 3, 2009

US Catholic Church Opposes Healthcare Reform

FRESH FROM DOING THE LORD'S WORK by moving to scoop up anti-gay Anglicans, the Catholic Church in the USA, is pushing hard to put the kibosh on healthcare reform. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops sent out propaganda packages to all their parishes and directed priests to rail against reforms from the bully pulpit. Of course they're not against healthcare reform per se, they're against this healthcare reform. Why? Because it supposedly will allow coverage of abortions through a public option. However, the Catholic Bishops have never raised a stink about private insurers, all of whom provide for abortion funding.

"The Church has never opposed any private health insurance policies that provide abortion benefits. It has never urged a boycott of particular insurance companies for offering abortion benefits. Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, United Healthcare– all the major private insurers provide for abortion services in their policies. All policy holders are paying into the provider network and subsidizing all its services."
I don't doubt that the pederasts who run the US Catholic Church would sorely love to take another kick at abortion rights - as if they haven't caused the deaths of enough women worldwide. And, of course, while they go all swirly-eyed at the thought of abortion it doesn't concern them a whit that scuppering healthcare reform will kill children. In fact, it was recently estimated that 17,000 children have died in the last two decades specifically because of a lack of health insurance. And the American Journal of Public Health recently estimated that a whopping 45,000 Americans die every year from lack of health insurance. That's almost 1,000 per week. That makes the US Council of Catholic Bishops a bunch of hypocritical pederasts.
However, that doesn't mean that Obama and the Democrats haven't thoroughly cocked up healthcare reform. The present legislation, all 1,900 pages of it, is a massive give-away to the insurance industry. The "public option" is so small - and won't be fully implemented till 2019 - that to call it by that name is to do harm to the English language. Not only will premiums for public insurance be somewhat higher than private insurance (WTF?), it will also only cover about two percent of the population. And the big provision, forcing everyone to buy insurance, is nothing less than forcing the poor to subsidize corporate healthcare, as this article in Socialist Worker (US) points out:

"Like the Senate bill, Pelosi's health care legislation includes a provision that mandates everyone to purchase insurance, with the government providing subsidies to the poor to help them get coverage. This is a bonanza for the insurance industry--a government requirement that tens of millions of people buy their defective product."
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