Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shoplift Your Tony Lifestyle

OVER IN JOLLY OLD BRITAIN it seems that the ever creative people of the island nation have drawn some logical conclusions in their approach to shopping. You see, before the credit crunch and the present crisis, everybody was paying for their shopping sprees by racking up un-repayable quantities of debt, including the banks. Well, the government bailed out the banks but nobody bailed out the middle class who lost a lot kf investment savings and jobs in the City (never mind workers at the bottom end of the scale). What's a lawyer, stockbroker or advertising executive to do? Answer: shoplift. Retailers report that the five-finger discount has jumped by around 9% this year.

"[Store security] are catching shoplifters who from their appearance you would not expect to steal, and whose demeanour when caught show them to be different to your typical shoplifter," Matthews said. "These amateurs also tend to be caught by fairly basic security equipment, whereas career criminals would be able to avoid that."
Matthews said items taken include "high end cheeses and meats" – which he attributes to people stealing to maintain a quality of life they can no longer afford. "We are seeing more instances than before of amateur thieves stealing goods for their own personal use rather than to sell on."
I say good on 'em, as long as I get invited to the wine and cheese party. I love hot cheese.
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