Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cop Tasers Naughty Child

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN Ozark, Arkansas. Domestic disturbance, officer on the scene. A struggle ensues in which the assailant resists arrest, is verbally aggressive and even kicks the officer in the groin. Appropriate force: taser jolt to the back.
Except that the assailant was 10-years old. And her crime: she refused to get ready for bed. I'm not sure how the cops ended up being called - maybe it was the mother's way of trying to threaten the child. And she apparently told the cop to taser the little girl "if I had to." What? Apparently, after wrestling with the girl on the floor Officer Dustin Bradshaw was unable to get handcuffs on her - so he zapped her. Then, because she was now unable to walk, he cuffed her and carried her to his car.
You might excuse one idiot making it through the Ozark police job interview but then the police department stood behind him. "He had no other choice, he had to get the child under control," said Ozark police chief, Jim Noggle.
I think this is an example of the stupid leading the stupid. But don't get all on your high horse, dear Canadians. We have our own brand of taser-yahoos in the various police forces around the country, who just love to go hog wild - even when it kills the assailant, as this Globe article from November 18 notes:

"Clayton Alvin Willey died of a heart attack [in 2003] several hours after police knocked him to the ground, hog-tied him, kicked him in the chest, pepper sprayed him and used a taser on him repeatedly."
This, BC RCMP incident, of course, looked similar to the killing of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski who was tasered to death in the Vancouver airport in 2007. Then there was the ex-soldier in Manitoba, suffering from PTSD, who called a mental health helpline in 2003 and asked to be admitted to hospital. The helpline sent the cops who arrived and tasered him multiple times between the man's house and the hospital. Five RCMP officers are now facing charges of fabricating evidence and torture.
Then there was the man who was tasered by the RCMP for double-parking. Or the disabled men tasered by the RCMP. The lesson: cops everywhere are dangerous and their weapons should be taken away.
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