Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama Plans "Horrific Outburst Of Violence" For Afghans

THERE MUST BE A STRONGER WORD THAN "HYPOCRITE" to describe the moral depravity of condemning a single killer who shoots down 13 unarmed US military personnel, while planning on sending 34,000 heavily armed military personnel to shoot down Afghans. I'm open to suggestions because that's apparently the plan that's being considered by President Obama, this year's winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.
There also ought to be a word for the media that doesn't notice this not-very-subtle contradiction in values and, instead, masturbates over whether Hasan attended religious services at the same mosque as men linked to 9/11 or whether he handed out Korans on the day he went on a rampage. Does anyone perform background checks on the people who go to church with George W. Bush? How about Timothy McVeigh? (I know, putting the two men together is an unfair association - Bush is responsible for far more deaths than McVeigh). Did the two men say their prayers on the mornings in which they killed people? Certainly God "told" George personally that he ought to "end the tyranny in Iraq", "fight terrorists" in Afghanistan, and get the Palestinians their state. Why does no one suggest, as all the media are implying with their obsession about Hasan's religious activities, that Christianity is an especially dangerous religion, the practice of which must be closely observed?
I guess the word we're looking for here is also hypocrite. Perhaps the best we can do is modify it with the word racist, since it's apparent that anyone with a Muslim background comes in for special treatment and assessment that's not applied to the rest of the population.


LeDaro said...

Violence cannot be commended no matter who carries it out.

The violence, which has been carried out against Afghans for the last 8 years and against Iraqis for the last 6 years, is simply incredible. These are indeed crimes against humanity.

redbedhead said...

Yes, it's true. But there are no public outcries in the west over that violence. They just disappear - or worse - get counted as "enemies killed."

Hey, are you familiar with Leon Kuhn? Just checked out your blog and your photo montage/manipulation remind me of him. Check him out, his stuff is great:

LeDaro said...

Thank you for the link. I will definitely check it out.

Keep up your good work and continue to expose the hypocrisies of big powers and society.

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