Friday, November 27, 2009

Germany: Afghan Air Strike Brings Down Army Chief & Govt. Minister

SCANDALS RELATING TO THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN ARE ROCKING KEY NATO COUNTRIES. Canada's role in facilitating the torture of suspects - many of them likely innocent - has become a central public issue here. In Britain the revelation that MI6 supported torture against British citizens in Pakistan has become a major issue. And, now in Germany, where anti-war sentiment is very high, the prosecution of the war is causing deep political damage.
Today the Labour Minister, formerly Defense Minister, Franz Josef Jung was forced to sign his own walking papers after it was revealed by the tabloid Bild that he knew about the killing of numerous civilians resulting from a Kunduz airstrike in September. The German army called in NATO fighters to bomb two fuel tankers that had been seized by the Taliban, even though there were numerous civilians taking advantage of the free fuel being provided to them. Jung had originally stated that he didn't know there were civilians killed but it has since been discovered that he was told on the day that the bombing took place and that he received a top secret video showing that the carnage included children. The German military's chief of staff in Afghanistan has also been a casualty of this cover-up, resigning earlier this week.
Germany, which has 4,250 troops in Afghanistan has faced significant opposition at home to the deployment. This will, hopefully, further weaken the hand of the government to keep its troops there. All of these scandals are simply proof that the occupation of Afghanistan is a criminal operation that involves dehumanizing the locals to the point that bombing civilians, including children, is seen as nothing more than potential bad press that needs to be covered up. Same for torture, as we're seeing so vividly here in Canada. It's time to stop the killing by bringing the troops home.


Doug said...

No wonder Hillier, who I think we all believed would become some long-term staple of the pro-war right, packed up shop so quickly and put out a book trashing the Tories. He knew what was going on and wanted to get out before the shit really hit the fan.

redbedhead said...

Except that, like some kind of demented ghost of occupation's past, he keeps coming back to regale us with his asshole-ness. We're haunted by this prick.

Doug said...

Well, he's just like Lewis Mackenzie who is rolled out when the system needs him. He showed up on Rex's Cross Country Checkup last night repeating almost verbatim Blatchford's Saturday column.

You're right, Hillier is the state's new orifice: more shit to dump on people.

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