Thursday, November 19, 2009

Canadian Forces Promoted Torture In Afghanistan

PERENNIAL ASSHOLE STEPHEN HARPER AND HIS weaselboy sidekick, Peter MacKay, may not have figured out how to open the envelopes with briefings about how Canadian soldiers were handing over Afghans to be tortured - but at least somebody noticed and is now blowing the whistle big time.
Richard Colvin, a senior diplomat to Afghanistan for 17 months testified to a Parliamentary committee on Afghanistan that the Canadian military handed over three times as many detainees as any other country - knowing full well that they would be tortured. Former Military commander Gen. Rick Hillier called his report "bullshit" but then who would trust a guy who said that the military was in the job of killing people, not peacekeeping, on the question of protecting human rights? For his trouble Colvin got no support in trying to bring the scandal to light:

Colvin also told the committee that the government has tried to block him from testifying before a Military Police Complaints Commission hearing on detainee treatment by denying him legal representation and stopping him from accessing some of the reports he wrote while stationed in Afghanistan for 17 months in 2006 and 2007.
Of course, the Tories on the committee simply stonewalled and accused Colvin of being a dupe for the Taliban - their usual schoolyard (as in grade 1) rebuttal to anyone who criticizes their policy. Someone ought to tell these losers that their support for torture and bombing villages has done more to build the Taliban than anything else.
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