Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scientology Racket Up For Torture In Australia

FAR BE IT FOR ME to judge people who want to form a church based upon the writings of a science fiction writer. After all the Mormons did it and their guy - Joe Smith - had a much less interesting name than L. Ron Hubbard. And, I'd be a hypocrite to say that Scientology's belief in, say, an alien named Xenu, who brought humans to earth billions of years ago in a bunch of DC-8s and then blew them up on the rim of a volcano - without mentioning that it sounds no less crazy than thinking a God came down, impregnated a woman in ancient Judea with his son and then let him die a horrible, mutilating death in order to free the souls of humanity.

However, not all of Christianity is organized around the brain-washed cult principle. And not all of Christianity uses torture, intimidation and forced abortion to keep its followers in line (though there is some evidence that the new anti-gay laws in Uganda - including the death penalty - received a boost earlier this year when anti-gay church groups met in Uganda to condemn homosexuality). But apparently there are people who have left the Church of Scientology in Australia who are now speaking out, leading the Prime Minister to suggest that he might open an inquiry into Scientology.
"Aaron says women who fell pregnant were taken to offices and bullied to have an abortion. If they refused, they faced demotion and hard labour," [Australian Senator] Xenophon said. "Aaron says one staff member used a coat hanger and self-aborted her child for fear of punishment."
I do want to be unfair to the Church of Scientology, however. So I will allow their most prominent spokesperson, a certain Mr. Tom Cruise, to regale you with the way, the truth and the light about Scientology. If you decide it's for you after seeing his gripping and coherent description, I'm sure you can find a location in your city or town. With any luck you'll come across a bar first. Or even a hot dog stand. You'll feel better in the long term.

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