Monday, November 16, 2009

Nanos Poll: Only Thing Moving Are Liberals...Down

THIS POLL ON THE GLOBE AND MAIL webpage by Nik Nanos demonstrates two things: that the Tories and pretty much every party from the Bloc to the NDP is stuck in aspic in terms of support. Harper can't make the breakthrough he needs to win a majority - not unless the Bloc collapses in Quebec, an unlikely prospect. Or he has a major breakthrough in Ontario, also unlikely.
As part of the same phenomenon the chart shows that no party has caught the imagination of Canadian voters. This ought to be surprising. The recession is a doozy and people are hurting across the country. The Tories are mean, dishonest and incompetent. And yet, the NDP hasn't managed to inspire people beyond their core supporters.
The second thing confirms what I've said previously - that Ignatieff is in free fall and can't inspire anyone anywhere in any way. He has utterly destroyed the good will that was thrown his way after he was selected as Liberal Party leader. And in less than a year. Nice work, Iggy. With the recession continuing to bite deep it's possible that at some point things will break one way or the other. I hope it's to the left, though there is always a danger that without a serious fightback against the effects of the recession that people could turn to the right, towards scapegoating and surrender to the corporate agenda. But I'm certain - as long as Ignatieff is at the helm - there won't be a break towards the Liberals.
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