Friday, November 6, 2009

Dr. Phil, I Think I Love You

Now, I never had much time for Dr. Phil before but his - and Shoshana Johnson's - smashing rebuttal to this smug military lawyer, who's a racist scumbag, is a brilliant slamdunk. It's particularly sweet when the lawyer tries to claim he has a special understanding of PTSD because he served in Iraq and Shoshana, a former POW who was shot, points out that being a lawyer in the Green Zone is not comparable to the soldiers outside.


Anonymous said...

OMG, what a little mama's boy. You know, he reminds of that Canadian speechwriter to Bush, whatshisname?

He's the kind of person I'd like to mace just for looking at me.

redbedhead said...

David Frum. I've been trying to remember it all night - and I resent you for causing my brain to use up valuable fuel and space trying to dig up the memory of such a vile scum.
He was fired from his job as speechwriter because he bragged to his wife that he was responsible for the phrase "axis of evil" - and then she bragged to some other trophy wife.

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