Thursday, November 26, 2009

Harper Runs To Copenhagen To Escape A Hot Climate

STEPHEN HARPER USED TO THINK CLIMATE CHANGE WAS A SOCIALIST CONSPIRACY. So, why is he suddenly hopping a flight to Copenhagen, to the climate change summit? I feel safe to assure my readers that Harper has not suddenly been converted to the cause of saving the planet's environment. His handlers claim:
"The prime minister has made a decision," his spokesman Dimitri Soudas told reporters on the plane in Ottawa shortly before taking off to Port of Spain. "It is because there is now a critical mass of leaders attending," he added.
With all due respect to Mr. Soudas, I think a more likely explanation is that a critical mass of shit has hit the fan over the prisoner transfer torture scandal. Harper is, as always, committed to saving his own plush lifestyle and public importance as Canada's Prime Minister. And right now he and his government are feeling the heat over the transfer of prisoners into the hands of torturers in Afghanistan. Anybody who believes that his decision is anything other than an attempt to escape the growing hostility at home and to cut a softer, more progressive figure at a climate conference is naive. Look for Harper to make some loud but mostly empty concessions in the next several days to do one of the two things he does best: deflect. I'll leave it to your imagination what the other thing is that he does best...
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