Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sen. McCain Blames "Political Correctness" For Fort Hood Massacre

YOU THOUGHT HE WAS DUMB FOR PICKING PALIN as his running mate? Or maybe for singing "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" during a sound check prior to an election speech? Well, John McCain has definitely lathered the idiot-icing on the stupid-cake. Speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum, ie. warmongers from Europe and the Americas, McCain suggested that "political correctness" played a role in preventing anyone from doing anything about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan before it was too late.
In one sense, he's right - if politicians like him hadn't voted for war in Iraq and Afghanistan there wouldn't be hundreds of thousands of damaged men and women returning from brutalizing populations halfway around the world. And Hasan wouldn't have faced racist harassment on a daily basis. But it was politically correct to support the vilest of wars and the suspension of civil liberties. It was politically correct to keep sending soldiers back into war zones to kill and die, even though it was leading to growing rates of suicide and inter-personal violence. And we know this is what was - and continues to be - politically correct because trash like McCain are rewarded for it by being paid big bucks to be Sentators and big bucks to come to Canada to peddle their filth.
But I suspect that we won't hear anyone calling John McCain politically correct because that would be politically incorrect - just like it would be to point out that at Fort Hood 76 soldiers have committed suicide since 2003 - out of a population of about 50,000, much higher than the national average. And it isn't only suicides:

Col. Edward McCabe, a Catholic chaplain at Fort Hood, said signs of fatigue and other strains are “rampant” on the base. “The numbers of divorces I’ve had to deal with are huge, the cases of physical abuse,” Colonel McCabe said. “Every night in my apartment complex some soldier and his wife are screaming and shouting at each other.“
It really is time for McCain to retire and take his prehistoric ideas with him.

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West End Bob said...

And could he please take his irritating friends lindsey graham and joe LIE-berman with him ? ? ? ?

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