Monday, November 9, 2009

20 Years After The Wall, It's Official: We Think Capitalism Sucks

I'VE BEEN PREPARING MYSELF ALL YEAR for the inevitable love-in for capitalism, including video footage of Ronald Reagan announcing that capitalism has won and Communism has failed. I'm sure there will be some kind of Hollywood movie with Brad Pitt playing Reagan (with a lot of make-up).
I find the whole thing odious because, while I remember the wall coming down and was tremendously inspired by it, the coverage will inevitably try to score points for how great global capitalism is, such is the shallowness of what passes for news. As a socialist who always saw the former Soviet Union as another form of capitalism organized through the state, rather than the market, the hoopla about the efficiencies and freedom of the market appears as obvious bunkum to me - and never more so than after the great market just about brought the whole kit and kaboodle down last year.
Well, I'm glad to report that it isn't only me that feels this way. Fully 89 percent of the population in 27 countries polled by the BBC World Service think that capitalism pretty much sucks rocks. And 23 percent think that it's fatally flawed and should be put down like a mad dog who bit your granny and shit on your kitchen table. Even here in sleepy, polite Canada, 20 percent believe that capitalism needs to be replaced by another system, though nobody specifies what that system might be (Disney Worldism?), I would like to offer a few suggestions.
So, next time you turn on the television and see Rotten Ronnie wearing entirely too much make-up and looking confused by the question he is being asked, as a commentator tells you what a great leader he was, don't be depressed. Even all the enormous quantities of daily propaganda hasn't been able to convince everyone that capitalism is the be-all-end-all. In Canada alone there's at least 6 million people who think we need something completely different. Now all we have to do is organize them to start convincing the other people.
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