Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tories & Generals or Malalai Joya: Who Do You Believe?

WELL, YOU CAN'T SAY THAT THE TORIES ARE DEAF TO THE SOUND of their own ship of lies sinking like the Edmund Fitzgerald. They spent the better part of the week attacking Richard Colvin. Then they set the attack dog generals on them, including master pitbull, General Rick Hillier. They all denied that anyone knew anything about anything - which makes one wonder what qualifies them to lead anything more complicated than a lemonade stand.
Well, now the Tories have changed their tune alright. Now they knew right from the very start something was amiss. Huh? Were they just testing us all week? Feeding us the big lie to see how gullible we are and then, when they can hold a straight face no longer, they shout: "psych!"? Somebody, apparently should have told their generals that this was the plan, because their story was still the old one, right up till the last minute. Then, suddenly, whoomp, everything was different. As former Defense Minister, Peter MacKay put it:
“Obviously there were concerns about the state of prisons,” he said. “There were concerns about allegations. There were concerns about information found in reports. There were concerns."
I also have concerns about Peter MacKay but they are a little different than his concerns. I'm concerned that he's going to give himself whiplash.
Perhaps he read or listened to the CBC interview with Malalai Joya, the former Afghan MP - thrown out of the Afghan Parliament for raising embarrassing questions about the human rights records of our "democratic allies." On Thursday Joya stated unequivocally that this was not news to people living in Afghanistan:
"What [Colvin] has been saying is what I've heard from my people," she said. "Many of the victims are women and children detainees who have been raped, she said. "It's not new for our people."
What is clear is that were it not for pressure from people outside of the Tory government, with their near-Stalinist paranoia, they would have hidden everything forever. The only real concerns that MacKay and his ilk had was that it would get out that what we were (and are) creating in Afghanistan is a corrupt torture regime. The key difference between them and the Taliban is that the former are willing to do our bidding almost without question. In return for obedience, we'll let them torture whoever they want.
Listen to the whole CBC Radio interview with Malalai Joya.


Doug said...

Christie Blatchford has also stepped in to help out her political pals. Check out her recent hit job on Colvin.

redbedhead said...

Well, Christie Blatchford never saw a pile of shit that she didn't want to jump in and smear all over herself. I only read that lickspittle if I feel my blood pressure is a little low and could use a boost.

Doug said...

Watch out, she published another column today - two in three days. They're going into overdrive to construct a new narrative - Colvin is a fraud - before the public and the parliamentary committee can get their hands on the docs in question. The kicker is that Blatchford is basing her evidence on Colvin's CENSORED emails.

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