Friday, May 13, 2011

Vote Tory To Keep Gas Prices Low! (And Other Lies)

Well, that was the biggest fattest lie of the election campaign - the claim that an NDP government would cause gas prices to rise by ten cents a litre because they would, gasp, try to limit the destruction of the planet with a cap and trade system for carbon emissions. Cap and trade is more market driven bunk - oil and car companies ought to be forced to pay the real cost of their products, which includes the medical bills that result from increased asthma and the disaster relief required because of climate change generated extreme weather events. But it was still just scare mongering to say that this pathetic measure would be an attack on the ability of ordinary people to cover their bills. So, it's more than a little ironic to see gas prices approaching $1.50 a litre in the wake of the Tory majority. And what will the Tories - defenders of all things suburban and SUV-like - do to stop this atrocity from which they promised to protect us? Zilch. Well, not quite zilch - they'll have a meeting and ask "tough" questions of the oil execs. Then they'll go for martinis afterwards and have a laugh about the show they put on. Gas prices will stay high. Oil company profits will go up. And morons will vote for the Tories again next time.

Ottawa to grill gas-industry executives over soaring pump prices - The Globe and Mail
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