Monday, May 2, 2011

How Do You Get To Be A Radio DJ?

We rented a car this weekend to go to a family event outside the city. This morning I was returning the car and got to experience a "morning show" on The Edge with Dean Blondel and some other dude. It occurred to me, as they were making fun of Jack Layton and the massage parlour thing that they were fucking assholes. In less than two minutes they made fun of Asian accents, dehumanized women, and were just, in general, the kind of pricks you would never have as friends. And I wondered to myself if it was a job requirement to be a radio disc jockey that you be a right-wing, woman-hating jerk and if it was a course that was taught in the Ryerson Radio and Television program: "Dickwad 101", "Advanced Techniques: Insulting the Intelligence of Your Listeners", "The Historic Development of Being Stupid & Offensive Simultaneously".
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