Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Yorkers Shun Patriotic Idiot On Subway

So, some moron decides that the thing to do the morning after the US special forces killed bin Laden in his pyjamas was to get a chant of "USA" going on the New York subway system. Hey, it's America's finest hour right? They've defeated Satan himself. What better way to celebrate than to chant the initials of their country? Wrong.
The subway riders, whose lives haven't gotten any better as a result of bin Laden's death - and with Clinton asserting that it will be business as usual for the war on terror aren't going to notice any change in foreign policy either - are not impressed. Nobody joins the chant. My favourite part of this embarrassing demonstration of stupidity is the guy at 00:36 who subtly pops up his middle finger and gives the intrepid fool the bird. One more reason why I love New York.

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