Sunday, May 1, 2011

And speaking of assholes...

Jesus, I'd forgotten about Conrad Black and what a fucking windbag he is. Why isn't that prick still in jail and why does he get to leave and step into a column in a national newspaper? That would certainly make him the only ex-con in history to have that pleasure. Or at least the only empty-headed ex-con. Does he really believe that using words like "poltroon" and "excrescence" makes him either pithy, intelligent or insightful?
Anyway, there were a few bon mots in his missive (to get Blackian). I particularly liked his conspiracy theory to explain the popularity of social democratic politics in Quebec as "an intellectually presentable method for soaking the Anglo minority within." Ah, those poor, rich Anglo bastards, forced to pay taxes for childcare and healthcare and wages or, gasp, running their business in French.
My other fave from his former Baronship: "I have not been an uncritical supporter of the government, and am appalled by its criminal and prison policy. But it has governed responsibly, often with courage...[in] challenging political times." Translation: "I'm scared shitless that they'll throw my ass in the clink but at least my money will be there when I get out so that me and Babs can take the private jet to the Caymen's."
Dear Conrad, fuck you very much.

Conrad Black: Exeunt the poltroons of separatism | Full Comment | National Post
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