Friday, May 13, 2011

Is Rob Ford An Election Swindler?

Audit ordered into Mayor Ford’s campaign financing -

Say it isn't so? Our glorious mayor used his personal riches in dubious ways in order to bankroll his election campaign? Well, that's the decision of the citizen's panel that oversees this stuff. Is it possible that Ford, who makes a big deal about being a man of the people and about stopping the feeding trough at city hall is really only interested in stopping anyone who doesn't have a lot of money from misusing funds? Why, that would be hypocrisy. Say it ain't so. Of course, he and his odious troll of a brother have also been pretty hypocritical about budget cuts - services get the chop, cops get a big fat raise - and then Dougie Ford raises a big stink when some fellow bean counter points out the hypocrisy of cutting everything else but leaving the cops as a sacred cow, er, pig.
The fact that 70% apparently support this transparently filthy asshole is a testament to how much suburbia rots your mind.
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