Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden's Dead, Long Live The War On Terror!

Hey that didn't take long did it? For all you naive people who thought that killing the man accused of being behind the destruction of the World Trade Center would mean a winding down of military operations that have killed hundreds of thousands - you silly ducks. State Dept Secretary Hillary Clinton laid that to rest as soon as possible: "Even as we mark this milestone, we should not forget that the battle to stop al-Qaeda and its syndicate of terror will not end with the death of bin Laden."
No, Hillary, my guess is that it will, in fact, never end. Thanks for the reminder and the catchy new title "syndicate of terror". One wonders, if al-Qaeda are a syndicate and they are responsible for a few thousand deaths what would that make your country, which is responsible for hundreds of thousands in the last decade alone? A Corporation of Killing?

Hillary Clinton says bin Laden’s death does not end war on terrorism - The Globe and Mail
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