Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ontario Tories Want To Replace Public Sector Jobs With Slave Labour

We always knew that the Tories were charming in the same way that the Marquis de Sade was a humanitarian and now this announcement removes any doubt. Ontario premier-in-waiting Tim Hudak is trying to resurrect the ghoul of the Mike Harris years and their obsession with punishing welfare recipients. They're hoping that Ontario voters will be in an equally mean-spirited mood as those recession-riddled days long ago after four years of NDP betrayals, incompetence and media attacks on the NDP for not betraying enough of their supporters.

Will it work? Maybe. We know people have short memories from the fact that in 1995 people voted for a Tory government that stopped construction of the Eglinton subway and buried it in the ground at a cost of $135 million (iirc) and in 2010 Torontonians voted for a Tory mayor who campaigned to build an Eglinton subway thus (presumably) digging up what his Tory brethren buried 15 years earlier. By the way, wasn't that always the joke about Keynesian welfare-staters that they would pay one group of workers to dig a hole and then pay another group to fill it in?

In any case, Hudak makes it clear what his priority is: layoff workers with good paying jobs and replace them with slave labour. Doesn't anybody else find it disturbing that the entire social policy platform of the federal and provincial Tories is to take away civil liberties and increase the harshness of our legal system? What's next: public flogging? Amputating the hands of thieves?

Let me ask this: when will we start punishing the people who run the oil corporations that pollute our environment and make our kids sick? When will we punish the cops who beat the crap out of peaceful protestors during the G20? When will the Tories be punished for telling lie after lie after lie as evidence by the Wikileaks memos? Now that's some law and order that I could get behind.
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