Sunday, May 1, 2011

Now What Excuse Will They Have For War?

So, bin Laden's dead. Do you think that they'll bring his body back to the US, stuff it and display it in the Mall in DC? Will heads of state dutifully show up in order to spit upon the "incarnation of evil" and demonstrate their fidelity to Caesar? Will it mean an end to war in Afghanistan and the return of singing children and rainbows? I mean, that's why we went in there, right? To get bin Laden? It surely can't be because the Taliban were a repressive and reactionary theocratic regime. After all, the Bahraini royal family lack even the popular support of the Taliban and they've just crushed a pro-democracy movement. Lord knows we support them (the US 6th Fleet is parked there). We support Saleh in Yemen and he's been killing pro-democracy protesters and denouncing the movement because it permits women to join the demonstrations. And then there's bin Laden's homeland, Saudi Arabia. It is the guarantor of all things reactionary, despicable and repressive in the Middle East. And, yes, it is our ally. I won't even get into Israel, also a theocracy - let's face it, it gets its legitimacy as a Jewish state not by the indigenous population or the demographics of the people ruled by the Jewish state (which includes the West Bank and the open-air prison known as Gaza) but by reference to the rather dubious "source" of the Holy Bible. OK, I did get into Israel but just a bit.
So, our issue isn't democracy, freedom or enlightenment, it was strictly a revenge mission and now that vengeance is done, it's all over. It must be. Otherwise the last ten years has been based upon a lie. And they wouldn't lie to us. Would they?

U.S. operation killed Osama bin Laden, Obama says - The Globe and Mail
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