Monday, May 30, 2011

Climate Change Kicks It Up A Notch

You'd think that all the hurricanes, tornadoes and shit, not to mention a couple of decades of warnings from climate scientists would spur politicians to get their asses in gear to, you know, stop the planet from melting down. Well, you'd be wrong. I can only guess that pretty much every politician is as self-serving and corrupt as Stephen Harper, with his endless, subsidy-cheque-writing support for the massively polluting tar sands. Because it would only take a smidgeon of sanity and independence from corporate profit-taking mania to implement some measures to save our asses from the extreme weather events that are headed our way this century - and at the record breaking climb in CO2 releases last year, a lot sooner than that. Perhaps we just need to put it a little clearer.

Dear world ruling class

As you may have noticed, carbon emissions climbed to their highest levels in human history last year. We are now on target to reach the levels we thought we might reach in 2020 - if we are to save the planet - in 2013. We could easily see global temperatures rise 4 degrees celsius, which will melt the ice caps, submerge island nations and set hundreds of millions of people on an inward trek away from rising seawaters and in many directions away from growing desertification.
To summarize: the good news it that access to all the oil under the Arctic ice will soon be available for development and burning. The arms industry will also be booming as a result of the numerous climate change caused conflicts, civil wars, resource wars, etc that we can expect in the coming years. That means lots of jobs for your constituents - or they'll be too busy fighting, fleeing or dying to vote anyway. Keep on your present path and you're in like Flynn till the end of time.
The bad news is that we're totally fucked.

the whole damn planet

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink | Environment | The Guardian
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