Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Torture Used To Catch Bin Laden, Proving Hypocrisy Is King

Luckily I'm not an NDP MP, so I have no fear saying that it is absolutely the height of stomach-churning hypocrisy that the head of the CIA, soon to be US Defense Secretary, can happily declare the use of waterboarding to catch and kill bin Laden.
Now, before every right-wing moron who can read starts putting up stupid shit about how I support terrorism, here's my categorical denial: I oppose terrorism - not only because it is an ineffective way to bring about progressive social change, since it excludes the consent or participation of the vast majority of the population to be "liberated" but also because it inevitably leads to the unnecessary deaths of innocents. I will say that I don't believe that guerilla struggle - or asymmetrical warfare in Pentagon jargon - is the same as terrorism and I have supported and will support in the future the military struggles of oppressed people against more heavily armed state actors (to use another bit of jargon). For these reasons, I'm not a supporter of bin Laden and the attacks on the World Trade Center were abhorrent for precisely the reason I state above - who died: secretaries, restaurant workers, maintenance workers, firefighters, office workers, etc. etc. And all it did was give the USA the excuse to blow the hell out of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
Back to the point at hand, not one single newspaper or politician sees the obvious contradiction that the USA has arrogated to itself the right to kill whomever it wants, in whatever quantities it deems necessary or desirable; to violate the sovereignty of nations outside of international laws that they helped write; and to violate human rights through torture and extra-legal detention - in order to defend all those things. How can killing bin Laden, responsible at most for the deaths of several thousands of people, justify the horror show that has been visited upon the world? It doesn't. And a closer examination of US actions from Riyadh to Gaza to Tripoli and beyond, reveals that bin Laden's real crime was not that he was sexist, a fundamentalist or a murderer. His real crime was that he wasn't using those qualities in the service of the US of A.
Glad I got that off of my chest; guess it means the end of my political career.

Waterboarding detainees yielded clues that helped find bin Laden: CIA - The Globe and Mail
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