Tuesday, January 6, 2009

US Runs Block For Israel At UN

As the Israeli genocide machine levels schools with children and civilians inside, the Americans run block for them at the UN:

"Indeed, Israeli paper Haaretz is quoting sources at the UN who say Khalilzad had been ordered by the State Department to “torpedo any initiative proposed by the Arab bloc which is designed to grant the Security Council the status of an official arbiter that will have direct involvement with disentangling the Gaza crisis.”

Khalilzad is a long-time neo-conservative, ultra-right wing scumbag, an original signatory to the Project for a New American Century, ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan, advisor to Unocal oil, analyst for the Rand Corporation. He's definitely a good follow-up UN ambassador, after John "Wally Walrus" Bolton - the ultra-right, anti-UN nutjob and John Negroponte, organizer of Central American death squads.

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