Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Greece Cancels US Arms Shipment To Israel

It was recently revealed that a suspiciously large shipment of weapons was conveniently headed for Israel, perhaps to be used to replenish that country's stocks, depleted from blowing up Palestinian schools. 
Outrage spread throughout Greece. No doubt memories of Greece being a colony of Turkey, along with a strong left tradition and militant unions, makes that country deeply unfriendly to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.
The conservative New Democracy government in Greece is already up a creek over the recent shooting of a Greek youth that led to mass protests, school occupations and rioting. The Prime Minister was forced to fire cabinet members and the government is looking shakier by the day. The last thing they want is to give their people one more reason to throw the unpopular government out on their asses. They duly canceled the right of the US to use the Greek port of Astakos and denied any knowledge.
Way to go Greeks - though I still hope they toss out the government. Protesters still plan to hold a demonstration outside the port, with the support of the dock workers union.

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