Thursday, January 8, 2009

Israeli Dog Worth More Than A Palestinian Child

Pity the people of Sderot. Sure, the Hamas rockets - which were silent during the period of the ceasefire that Israel broke - almost never hit anyone. But sometimes they do hit people's pets - or even stray animals. Israel, being a humane society (no pun intended) can't bear the thought of a poor injured animal, so the Agriculture Ministry has agreed to pay for the treatment of pets who are injured by rocket fire. Even stray animals will be treated and, one presumes, released back out to eat from neighbourhood garbage cans, carry disease, etc.
Perhaps the Israelis are sending a message to the Palestinians that they'd be better off if they just accepted a role as pets for Israelis. Why else would Israel refuse to cover the costs of injuries that Palestinians received from Israeli bombs? And, of course, Hamas doesn't even have access to Palestinian tax revenues to pay to treat Israeli-caused injuries since Israel has refused to hand over Palestinian taxes and other revenues since Hamas was democratically elected in 2006.
In any case, it's clear that an Israeli dog is worth more than a Palestinian child.
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