Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Globe & Mail's Phoney Gaza "Exposé"

You couldn't be in any doubt that the Globe and Mail were supporters of Israel, certainly not after their plaudits for Canada's lonely vote in the UN Human Rights Council against condemning Israel's "grave violations" in Gaza. Of course they even managed to justify Israel's bombing of civilians and civilian buildings with the thoroughly discredited claim that Hamas uses fellow Palestinians as human shields (not noting the irony that the Israel Defense Forces regularly use human shields,including children - despite a ruling by their own supreme court. See photos.)
The Globe's coverage also managed to miss the story that the studiously neutral International
Committee of the Red Cross condemned Israel for letting children starve next to the bodies of their dead mothers after refusing to allow ambulances to reach the wounded. Nor could I find on their website any account of the internationally covered story of Israeli soldiers shooting children carrying a white flag as a family fled - under orders from the IDF.
The Globe did manage to uncover a much more significant and important "scandal" from the war in Gaza, however. Remember how the IDF bombed that school and killed 43 civilians, many of them children? Well, it didn't happen. That's right, as the Globe says the report "doesn't stand up to scrutiny". Sure, 43 civilians were killed, many of them children. But the bombs landed outside the property line of the school. It just so happened that the civilians, fleeing under orders of the IDF, were standing outside of the school's walls, probably because they were crammed into a small school in their hundreds. So, while Israel lied about there being a sniper's nest, a mortar launching site, no casualties, and that the building was booby-trapped, the real story here is that the shells actually landed right outside the school. Besides demonstrating how utterly, utterly craven are the journalists and editors of the Globe and Mail they also raise questions about their own journalistic abilities. Every article about the school bombing that I could find, names the school al Fakhura - somehow the Globe came up with the name "Ibn Rushd Preparatory School for Boys". One wonders if the reporter was in the wrong place entirely.

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