Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Not A Single Palestinian Has Raised His Voice Against Hamas"

This is a fascinating article in Wednesday's Jerusalem Post about the state of the of the fight against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Essentially, the article argues that Hamas, while under significant pressure from the Israeli onslaught, has yet to buckle and continues to effectively resist.
What is particularly interesting is that one of the key goals of the offensive - to break Palestinians' support for Hamas, has utterly failed.
"Although Hamas has been hit hard, not a single Palestinian in the Gaza Strip has raised his voice against the movement and its leaders. Hopes that the massive IDF operation would encourage Palestinians to revolt against a weakened Hamas have not materialized.
If anything, many Palestinians agree, the Israeli offensive has actually boosted Hamas's popularity and undermined the so-called moderates in the Arab world."
It also admits that the IDF has been about much more than destroying the "infrastructure of terror", which one would assume means military stores, training facilities, bunkers, etc. Rather, they have destroyed "scores of Hamas-linked charities and organizations that were providing the Palestinians with a vast network of social, economic, health and education services."
This is an open admission of what is clearly a war crime.
No wonder the UN - minus the utter scumbags of Canada's Tory government - are accusing Israel of doing just that and calls are growing to take Israel to the International Criminal Court for genocide.
Meanwhile, over in Latin America, both Venezuela and Bolivia have announced that they are cutting ties with Israel over their invasion in Gaza. This is a brilliant response that will hopefully build momentum towards isolating the Israeli regime.
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