Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rupert Murdoch, Friend Of Israel

Well this article is an interesting addition to the swirl of debate and exposé that's happening around Rupert Murdoch. The attached article is from J-Wire and is written by Isi Leibler. As all this scandal and humiliation was unfolding, I hadn't considered the impact that it might have upon Israel. Luckily, the zionists never neglect to defend a friend, no matter how much of a dirtbag, dictator, liar, racist or generally unpleasant person that they are. As Mr. Leibler notes:

"... while his enemies continue baying for his blood, most Israelis will be hoping that despite the criminal nature of the News of the World scandal, Rupert Murdoch and his senior management will be exonerated of direct malfeasance and his media holdings will remain substantially intact."

To be fair, Mr. Leibler does say several times that the phone hacking was "unconscionable" and "a disgrace to journalism" but the main thrust of the article is that Murdoch is a victim of the liberal media - which has also abandoned Israel - and the far left in the media. Apparently, Murdoch saved the British nation from the clutches of the far left - I assume by smashing the unions in the press back in the 1980s and creating the conditions of hyper-competitiveness that was a key dynamic driving the turn to the use of phone hacking.

Leibler continues, defending Murdoch from accusations of bias: "most of the Murdoch outlets maintain a fair and evenhanded approach [to Israel]". Fox News? The New York Daily Post? The Sun? Bias? Heavens, no? Leibler focuses his argument on the fact that while the Murdoch empire may have been guilty of some transgressions, the great man was in the forefront of defending western civilization (i.e. Israel) from an assault by "hostile Muslims and other extremists." As an aside, does a Muslim become an extremist by virtue of being hostile to something or is it rooted in the very nature of being Muslim? My guess is the latter and the only good Muslim for Mr. Leibler is one that acquiesces to the Israeli colonialist project and to the US backed dictatorships in the Middle East.

I have to say that I'm grateful that Mr. Leibler brought in the Israel angle and defends Rupert Murdoch from the point of view of the Zionist project. It has given me one more reason to cheer the public dismemberment of his empire and the corruption woven through its every fiber. If it means that Israel's lies have one less mouthpiece in the west and their hold over the narrative of the roots of the conflict in that region are weakened, the world will be a tiny bit of a better place.

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