Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ethical Oil? Tory Scum Polishes Turd

There really is no lie too big, no corporate filth too odious that there isn't some Tory bagman who isn't willing to try and sell it to us as a golden egg, when it is in fact toxic poison. Alykhan Velshi, a former aide to the seriously disgusting Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, made his name by - probably illegally - influencing the decision of Canada's Border Agency to deny entry to British MP George Galloway, claiming he is a supporter of terrorism. Of course, Galloway's crime is that he's a high profile supporter of the Palestinians and opponent of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Well, now Velshi, following on from his pal Ezra Levant - King Toad himself as far as lashing out his tongue to fellate all things vile and inhumane - is stumping on behalf of the oil sands. His claim is that oil sand oil is "ethical oil" - a term coined by the ever clever Levant. It's not like "conflict oil" that comes from Venezuela, for instance. Huh? Last time I checked, Venezuela had a democratically elected government and the only conflict was by those former oil executive who tried to bring down the democratically elected government.

Velshi goes on to try and claim that oil from the tar sands isn't as bad environmentally as everyone is trying to make out. But while he is trying to make dirty oil look clean his own move into lobbying looks more than a little dirty.

Asked whether he is getting corporate donations, he said, “I won’t take money from any foreign corporations, any governments.” Pressed about Canadian corporate donations, he said he wouldn’t refuse any.
Mr. Velshi says he’s not violating the federal law that forbids former aides from lobbying for five years after leaving government. He stresses that he’s not lobbying former Conservative colleagues about the oil sands. He hardly needs to – Environment Minister Peter Kent has already taken it upon himself to use “ethical oil” parlance.
Does anyone think that it's possible to distinguish between Ethical Tories and Unethical Tories. It seems to me that the former is one of those absurdisms like "military intelligence".

Ex-Tory message maven tailors his spin to oil sands - The Globe and Mail


Celery said...

can we have even ONE DAY when things don't get worse? 

Shawn Whitney said...

It's not so much different than any other day really. Tories seeks opportunity to back highly profitable but ethically bankrupt business ventures. That's just what they do. This one just happens to be so laughably self-serving that it made the news.

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