Monday, July 18, 2011

Murdoch & News International: BURN BABY BURN!

I'll leave it to others of more sober professional inclinations and responsibility to provide the sophisticated analysis that the present crisis in Britain deserves. For my part I will unabashedly and with great joy celebrate the giant f***ing bonfire that is piling higher and higher everyday with kindling made of the great and good in British politics and media. The whole hacking scandal is coming unravelled so quickly that it's frankly hard to keep track. One minute its a former editor or two, then it's the chief executive, Rebekah Brooks whose willowy red hair makes one think of a character in a Harry Potter film. Now important political figures have started to fall - that includes the commissioner and deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London. The commissioner - undone by the freebies that News International gave him at an exclusive London spa - even had the audacity to have a go at the Prime Minister in his resignation letter.

The scandal has also spread to America where, hopefully, it will ignite that towering shithouse of right wing lunacy known as Fox News. Imagine that for a brief, pleasant moment that might be better than a mix of hallucinogens and sex: the end of Fox News. Perhaps Rupert Murdoch, union buster, parasite and vile usurper of the democratic process wherever possible, might actually have, in his dotage, provided a wonderful gift to the left. Maybe we can pick a date (the day of his own looming arrest?) and each year have a festival akin to Britain's Guy Fawkes day where giant bonfires are lit and effigies of Guy Fawkes are thrown on the pyre. Only in this case, we'll toss on effigies of Murdoch, his loathsome son, Rebekah with her serpentine locks writhing in the hot wind of the fire, a few cops and, as the piece de la resistance, David Cameron, the British Tory PM. Ah, I can taste those marshmallows now. Yummy.

And the whole thing gets dirtier and deeper with each passing moment. Today the former New of the World journalist who first blew the whistle on phone hacking was found dead by the cops, who immediately proclaimed it "not suspicious". Ah, yes, we'll certainly trust the cops then - who Sean Hoare, the dead journalist - also exposed as involved in the skullduggery that was just another day at the NotW offices. Nothing to see here then. Ignore the body of the man who was promising more and more damaging revelations. Trust us, we're the police - different than the ones who took the bribes and the spa weekends. Really.

Then there is poor, sodden David Cameron, prime minister of the UK. He always something of a fool, a toff with about as much street fighting smarts as you'd expect from an Eton boy who would look down his nose at a mere silver spoon. His whimsical pronouncements about such empty fluff as the Big Society and generally friendly foppishness made him a pleasant cover for the evil that lurks in the heart of every Tory party. Too bad he was so arrogant and stupid that he hired a dirty player like former NotW editor Andy Coulson as his communications chief and then, after the lying stalker was forced to resign, Cameron still hung out with him, including having his picture taken being all palsy with the bastard. Is it any wonder that the press - including the Tory press - are starting to call for Cameron's head on a plate?

In the end, some dirty compromise might be reached. Fox News might be spared the smear of being part of an organization that tapped the phones of family of victims of the World Trade Center attack. But it will surely undermine the credibility of Fox as a strident patriot's news source. In Britain, it may bring down the Prime Minister and bring instability into the heart of the government just when they are trying to fuck over their population with the whip of brutal austerity. And, as surely as the media lies, cheats and steals, an unstable government is one that is easier to defeat. I would dearly love to know how it would torment Murdoch to know that he helped to bring about the end of a Tory government and a revival of the workers' movement and the left. If he had any decency, he'd throw himself on the bonfire. He doesn't, of course, and so it will be all the sweeter if his former allies do it to him.

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