Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gee Skewers Ford

I was about to write another pithy dismembering of the lies and stupidities of the mayoralty of His Honour Rob Ford. But then I read today's article in the Globe & Mail by Marcus Gee and, frankly, I couldn't have said it better myself. We may all remember Ford's bluster during the election about how he would eliminate Miller's land transfer tax and license registration fees because he, Rob Ford, cares about the taxpayer. Yeah, you guess it, it was all bullshit and Ford has turned around and is raising those same funds from different sources.
Once he became mayor, one of the first things he did was announce a freeze in property taxes and an end to the vehicle registration tax. But user fees come from the same pockets of the same overburdened folk that taxes do. His platform said nothing about higher user fees. Of course, it said nothing about service cuts either. Mr. Ford “guaranteed” there would not be any. Now we are facing the threat of both service cuts and higher fees.
His administration has already raised fees by $23-million to balance the 2011 budget and help make up for the loss of revenue from the vehicle tax. Fees for a host of programs went up about 3 per cent. The current review of fees is bound to recommend yet further hikes, putting more pressure on taxpayers.
I suppose that in some ways, while it is further proof that Ford is a sociopathic liar, it's consistent with his own view of the world, where defending the right to drive an automobile is sacrosanct, while those socialistic "services" like swimming and yoga for seniors are sapping the moral will of our great city. We need a strong dose of the real cost of things so that we will work harder, compete smarter and pay for everything as individuals, rather than pooling our resources to make life better for all - except insofar as it's for boosting the number of frontline cops to keep us in our place when we get pissed off by the fact that there's nowhere to take our kids on the weekend that won't cost an arm and a leg.

Today's article follows on from one last week that exposed the fact that Ford was either stupid or lying when he was throwing around the numbers viz labour costs as a proportion of the city budget, which I also covered here. Kudos to Gee for exposing Ford's fundamental dishonesty in driving through his agenda for the millionaires.

No revenue? No problem. Right, Mayor Ford? - The Globe and Mail

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