Friday, July 29, 2011

Pits Of Hell Not Deep Enough For Murdoch's Crew

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the scumbag hacks & corporate puppetmasters couldn't possibly sink any lower than what had already been revealed. I mean, Murdoch's crew of despicable skinbags hacked the phone of a murdered teenage girl, listened to her phone messages and then deleted some of them lest another "journalist" come by and do the same thing later. They guys hacked the phones of family of victims of 9/11. They hacked the phones of celebrities so that they could leak deeply personal information about their private lives and call it news. They paid the cops to illegally pass along private information. And, of course, they used their influence as a mega media corporation employing 53,000 people worldwide and with assets of over $50 billion with tentacles absolutely everywhere in order to threaten, cajole and harass politicians and anyone who disagreed with their right wing agenda. They run Fox News, which is the filthiest, lyingest, most racist and reprehensible media outlet in North America (not to put too fine a point on it). I mean - how could you possibly beat that?

Well, you would be wrong.

In the final issue of the News of the World, they ran an editorial by a woman named Sara Payne whose young daughter had been murdered some time ago. They had "championed" her case and supported the charity that she set up in the wake of the murder. Why, Rebekah Brooks, former editor in chief, recently forced to resign as CEO of News International (the British arm of News Corporation), even gave Ms. Payne her very own phone. In that editorial Ms. Payne described the support that she had received and how losing News of the World was like losing an old friend. And, yet, now it turns out, Ms. Payne's phone number was found in one of the notebooks belonging to Glen Mulcaire, the private detective paid handsome sums by News of the World to hack into the voice mail of NotW's targets.
The Labour MP Tom Watson, who has been an outspoken critic of News International, said of the Payne allegation: "This is a new low. The last edition of the News of the World made great play of the paper's relationship with the Payne family. Brooks talked about it at the committee inquiry. Now this. I have nothing but contempt for the people that did this."
It should be noted that Rebekah Brooks - editor in chief at the time of the greatest phone hacking - claims that she never knew anything about any of the phone hacking. Andy Coulson - also an editor at the News of the World at this time, and a former Tory spin doctor until he was forced to resign in January, also claimed that he knew nothing about any phone hacking or payments to the police. He's now been charged with perjury in relation to those claims and his continued close relationship with British PM David Cameron (who spent one Christmas with Ms. Brooks) has damaged him, possibly irreparably.

On Tuesday, July 26 the National Union of Journalists organized a meeting that drew 250 people in London against the Murdoch machine and for a truly free press.
Tony Burke, the assistant general secretary of the Unite union, said, “25 years ago Murdoch broke the trade unions at his newspapers. He used the extra profits he made from this to make a right wing media empire that extended its tentacles into the political class.”
As it turns out, it didn't just extend into the political class. They used that power to harass and spy on even the most powerless and devastated people in Britain and beyond in order to sell papers on the basis of the most grotesque tittle-tattle. There is growing talk that News International ought to be stripped of its licenses to operate media outlets in Britain. It will be sweet indeed if Murdoch's corruption, which made him rich and degraded journalism, brings down his empire during his lifetime.

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