Friday, July 22, 2011

Mayor Ford Says: Come To City Hall Thursday, July 28, 9:30AM

Well, well, well, normally an invite from Rob Ford would end up in my garbage quicker than a brochure to take out a subscription to the National Post. But sometimes when opportunity knocks, you just have to listen. And this, I think, is one of those moments.

Ford and his Gollum-esque brother - "More libraries than donuts, precious. More libraries than donuts..." - have been all over the talk radio circuit, letting the right wing dj's fellate their plans to gut the city of any sort of public services, parks, libraries, etc. and offering up a heaping helping of Ford bullshit pie, their particular specialty. First it was Robbie-boy blow-harding a big vat of ignoramus that 80% of the city budget consisted of labour costs. Then his idiot brother was making up horse pucks that there were more libraries in his ward than Tim Hortons (actually, it was more like 13 libraries to something like 36 Tim Hortons). These guys produce so much manure when they speak that they could save the city on fertilizer costs.

But I'm hoping that this little tidbit really blows up in his face - the Ford Bros Circus has mostly been let off the hook by the media, when really they should be exposed as corrupt, inveterate liars and bullies. Next Thursday, starting at 9:30 am, City Council's Executive Committee, chock-a-block with the Ford Bros flying monkey brigade of right wing lackeys will be deciding how to screw us over by implementing the austerity measures recommended by KPMG, the corporate rip-off artist's best friend. Ford has enthusiastically invited us all to attend.

“I encourage people to come to the executive committee next Thursday,” he said during an interview on CP24. “Everyone has five minutes to talk to me personally at our executive committee. I invite the whole city. I don’t care if we have to sit there for three days. I don’t want to have people ... they have five minutes to tell me what business do you think we should be in. And it’s next Thursday at 9:30 at city hall. Come and let me know what you think – the average taxpayer out there – what are we doing right, what are we doing wrong. I want to hear from the people and I encourage them to come."
I think that Rob Ford ought to get exactly what he asks for. Hope to see you there - pass it on!

Mayor Ford invites residents to tell him what to keep, cut - The Globe and Mail

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