Monday, July 25, 2011

Mayor Ford: User Fees For Everyone...But Him

You probably don't need me to tell you that Rob Ford is a hyprocrite and a liar in addition to being a mean-spirited prick. All that is apparent every time he opens his mouth. Nonetheless, it is useful to see the many ways in which he brings himself into disrepute, hopefully amongst the deluded suburbanites who thought that he was their "get tough" man who really cared about ordinary people.

The fact that he was a millionaire ought to have provided a hint. But not everyone reads the news that closely. However, some of the little treats that have emerged about Rob Ford's over the top - apparently - election expenses have been an interesting angle on this. What the article below reveals is that while Rob Ford and his Gollum-esque brother flounce about peddling user fees on everything from basic services for seniors and poor parents, Rob Ford doesn't seem to feel that user fees apply to him.

During the election, Ford racked up an impressive $13, 362.26 in sign infraction fines during the election campaign. However, even though he applied to appeal the fines past the deadline, those fines were nonetheless waived. All of the other candidates who were fined ponied up. This fine ought to also count against Ford's election expenses and, of course, was not. For a guy who's concerned about over-spending at City Hall, he's not much for keeping his own books in order. But then, as I wrote the other day, this is the guy who hired KPMG to audit the city's books - a company that can't seem to stay out of court for its inability to... audit its client's books.

Oh, Mayor Ford's office had no comment about the fines or the write-off.

City officials waived fines related to Ford’s election campaign - The Globe and Mail

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