Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[Video] G20 Cops Watched As Cars Burned

I know I know, city councillor knobs-in-chief Rob Ford and Georgio Mammoliti have already said it loud and clear: the police did a brilliant fucking job, risking life, limb, future progeny, not to mention golf balls that never materialized to defend our great city. There was not a moment of danger in which the cops didn't throw themselves into saving puppies, windows, old ladies and civil liberties. Any suggestion that the whole thing was a set-up to justify the clampdown that targeted everybody including puppies, old ladies and civil liberties is just despicable and ought to lead to a heavy beating and a night in police custody.
Or maybe that narrative is an undiluted crock of shit and the coppers were playing fast and loose with the law and their jobs in order to fulfill a larger political agenda. Check out the pan back and forth that happens at 2:10 on this video.

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