Monday, July 12, 2010

G20: Star Reporter Asks Obvious Question About Cop Infiltration

Could it be that someone in the media finally noticed the rather obvious point that if the cops had infiltrated the so-called violent anarchists for a year why couldn't they have prevented all the window smashing and cop car burning that happened during the G20 summit? Not to mention the 20,000 cops hanging around causing a city donut shortage.

Delays are excruciating for parents of G20 accused -
"At their court appearance on June 26, Crown Attorney Vincent Paris told the Star’s Francine Kopun the four are allegedly executives of SOAR. Paris said they were arrested as a result of an ongoing police investigation that began in April 2009. He alleged the group had a list of targets, including Metro Hall, City Hall, banks, Goldman Sachs, The Bay and the U.S., Russian and Indian consulates.

The joint investigation, carried out by the RCMP, the OPP, Toronto police and others, involved two undercover agents infiltrating groups in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo and Toronto.

The infiltration raises an obvious question: If undercover agents knew so much about the plans of the groups that allegedly orchestrated the violence, how come thousands of police on the streets of Toronto couldn’t prevent it?"

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