Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toronto Council Votes To Silence Dissent

Who the hell are these guys and why do we pay their salaries? I mean, twice in one day these jerks demonstrate their utter disdain for the right to free speech and the right to protest without getting your head cracked in. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there supposedly some "progressives" on city council? What the hell - first they congratulate the cops for a $1 billion cock-up that left people injured, windows smashed and growing numbers of people and organizations clambering for an independent inquiry. They must be, like, the last people in the city who don't think that G20 policing was a total farrago.
And now this almost-unanimous vote - including "progressives" - to delay future Pride grants because they permitted, under enormous pressure, the right of a group critical of Israel to march in the parade.
Now, I know there's still some people out there that thinks the sun shines out of Israel's arse and that genocide is really just a civilizing mission with a case of bad marketing but to threaten the funding of one of Toronto's most successful festivals in order to squelch any criticism of a foreign government? Would they do the same if the group had been Queers Against Iranian Repression or Queers Against Radical Islam? I suspect not.
I'm not surprised that some of the council scumbags would support this - Mammoliti is a long-time anti-gay bigot who left the NDP provincial caucus because of his opposition to same sex spousal benefits. Rob Ford's ignorance on gay rights is on the record for all to see. But to see that people on the left of city council would engage in this sort of disgusting witch-hunting tactic is truly enraging. I suggest that people send a letter to their councillor asking them why they are spending our money to squash free speech.

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