Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mayor Miller Apologizes For G20 Cop Riot

Well, sort of... Check out the video around 8:05 till 8:43. He gives an extended preamble talking about the violence of the "anarchists" as though the cops total clampdown, lies about their "special powers" prior to the event, and indiscriminate sweep was the result of a few broken windows on the Saturday. But since we have plenty of evidence that the police knowingly allowed this to happen this narrative is a total lie. Don't forget that the police infiltrated the key anarchist organization, SOAR, over a year prior to the event and thus knew of their plans and perhaps even helped to formulate and instigate them. And then there's the viral videos (see the one I've posted earlier) making the rounds that show the cops standing back and allowing their cars to be burned, windows to be smashed etc. So, frankly, Miller's mealy-mouthed apology - after voting along with City Council to commend the cops - isn't worth a tinker's damn.
But what's interesting is that it was clearly a response to some people at the Jane and Finch event having been arrested themselves and taking Miller to task. He - and the other weasly councillors with their comfy relationship to authoritarianism - need to be challenged at every step for failing to defend basic civil liberties and for their unquestioning support for martial law under the leadership of Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, who was caught lying more than once - about the police powers, about the weapons that they rounded up. This is disgraceful and they ought to face the anger of us, their constituents, for it.

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