Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Star Calls For G20 Inquiry While City Council Congrats Cops

The call for an independent inquiry into the G20 debacle continues to gather momentum with the Toronto Star editorial board coming out today with a statement reiterating the call and stating that while the about-face by the Toronto Police Services Board is welcome it simply isn't enough.
"However, the proposed review of Toronto police actions is still insufficient in scope to get to the bottom of what happened in our city on the G20 weekend. The decision-makers included not just the Toronto police but also their counterparts from the OPP and RCMP and politicians in all three levels of government.
"Collectively, they turned our city into an armed camp with empty streets, secretly invoked special police powers, allowed a few hooligans to run amok burning police cruisers and smashing store windows, and then arrested and incarcerated more than a thousand people, the vast majority of them guilty of no crime. Businesses in the downtown area suffered a big drop in sales. Instead of showcasing the city, the event produced damaging images, broadcast around the world. What is needed is a full public inquiry, called by either the province or Ottawa."
The Federal NDP has also called for the Orwellian-sounding Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to be convened to implement an immediate inquiry. As a result of the request the Committee must be convened within five days.
“The Conservatives spent close to a billion dollars on security but are refusing to be held publicly accountable for all that went wrong,” said [NDP Public Safety Critic Don] Davies. “They said the massive security force would prevent violence – it did not. They said that civil liberties would be protected – they were not.”
This is a welcome change from the sycophantic cop-worship by Toronto's city council, including the so-called left, who voted unanimously to commend the outstanding work by the cops. What a bunch of knobs - and not just ultra-right wingnut Rob Ford, who thought that the police were "too nice."
This is the same guy who got thrown out of a Leaf's game for picking a fight with another fan. He's lucky it wasn't during the G20 or the cops would have locked him up for 17 hours and strip-searched him. His other odious, bigoted and racist behaviour and utterances demonstrate that he is really too stupid to take seriously - if only he weren't a mayoral candidate. I tell you if that nematode is elected mayor I will strongly consider signing up to join the Black Bloc.

Mammoliti Loses His Shit

Ford's usual pro-cop drool-a-thon was only matched by the frothful meanderings of his arch-rival in stupidity and politics, Georgio Mammoliti, who had to be calmed down by the Council Speaker, Sandra Bussin. Mammoliti responded, Strangelove-like, by shouting at her "you should be on trial for your behaviour right now."
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