Friday, December 18, 2009

Predator Drone - $4 million. Insurgent Hacking Program - $25. Pentagon Embarrassment - Priceless

THE PENTAGON SPENDS CLOSE TO $1 TRILLION EVERY YEAR, between its regular budget and the money allocated to its various wars, policing operations, counterinsurgency programs and other murderous hobbies. They have an impressive array of super-duper-high-tech equipment to blow your mind - and blow your head off if you are an enemy of the United States of America. However, it seems that insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan were using a piece of $25 software, purchased off of the internet to intercept the video signals sent by Predator drones back to the remote pilots in the USA. This allowed them to see exactly what areas and people the deadly unmanned planes were surveying for attack. The US military is, of course, now fixing the problem but it could take a while: they have 600 of the $4 million vehicles.
Besides being a public embarrassment for the military, which is always a pleasure to see, this snafu is further demonstration that no matter how powerful the US military, it can never close all the gaps - gaps that a popular anti-colonial movement can take advantage of to the detriment of US/NATO occupying forces. This DIY resistance has been most powerfully felt, of course, in the widespread use of IED's - roadside bombs. While a leviathan like the USA can - and has - crushed popular movements in countries around the world, they are not invulnerable, especially where that movement has the support of broad swathes of the population.
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