Friday, December 11, 2009

Non-Muslim Swiss Man Builds Minaret

GLAD TO SEE SIGNS OF ANTI-RACIST LIFE IN SWITZERLAND, I must say. This article is about a Swiss man who decided to send a big "fuck you" to the far-right in Switzerland - and the boneheaded voters who went along with the referendum to ban the building of minarets. Converting the chimney on his house into a minaret is the next best thing to tearing down all the damn church towers blotting the European skyline. I'm joking, of course (sort of), but just to make the point that Christianity's presence is felt everywhere in Europe and it has, ahem, a pretty piss poor record on the question of equality (women priests anyone? gay rights?), tolerance and progressive thinking. So Christians who say anything about the character of Islam ought to look in the mirror. Or their own bell towers - probably built by the forced labour of peasants. Anyway, two thumbs up to you, Guillaume Morand.

"It was scandalous that the Swiss voted for the ban. Now we have the support of all the far-right parties across Europe. This is shameful," he said. Mr. Morand put up the minaret on Tuesday not only to protest the decision but also to send a message of peace.
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