Monday, December 14, 2009

Demand Peter MacKay Resign (Already!)

I JUST RECEIVED NOTICE OF THIS CAMPAIGN by the Canadian Peace Alliance, posted below. The detainee scandal is the best chance in a while to seriously damage the Harper government. The truth is, Harper has only looked unassailable because of the weakness of the Opposition. In reality, he is bumbling from one stupidity to the next - whether it is on the economic stimulus, his earlier attacks on the nuclear watchdog, his laughable scolding in China, his cro-magnon stupidity over climate change, and now the detainee scandal. 

If enough people focus some effort on pushing MacKay over, it could help to blow the Tories off course. And once off course, it will be difficult for them to recover. Already, their obstinacy around releasing information, firing the watchdog and defending the deeply compromised MacKay is making them looking like the wannabe dictators that they are.

Call, fax and e-mail the Prime Minister to demand Peter MacKay resign

Today we learned that not only did the Canadian government know about torture of Afghan detainees but that they actually defended their torturer in Kandahar.

And although the government insists that the detainee transfer agreement stopped the abuse of Afghans, this appears to be another smokescreen.

The Harper government needs to hear from you. Call to demand that Harper:
* Fire Peter MacKay
* Call a full public inquiry
* Bring the troops home now (not in 2011)

Contact the Prime Minister (and his chief of staff):
*, Phone: 613-992-4211, Fax: 613-941-6900
* Guy Giorno, Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff, Phone: 613-992-4211 x11

Please let us know how they respond by sending us an e-mail or by posting a report on the wall of the "Peter MacKay Must Resign" facebook group.

For more background information please see.  

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