Saturday, December 12, 2009

In China The Poor Key Luxury Cars Too

I WOULD, OF COURSE, NEVER ADVOCATE ACTS OF VANDALISM against the wealthy of the world. I think it's politically counter-productive to pour sugar in their gas tanks, or drag the key to your Hyundai across that shiny coat of paint on the red Porsche parked outside of Lululemon. I think it demonstrates an immature class consciousness to put poo-poo in a brown paper bag, light it on fire, set it on the doorstep of  a mansion and ring the doorbell, then run away. I abhor such acts and if you send me photos of such acts I will publish them as demonstrations of moral depravity that must never be copied.
I'm particularly hoping to get some such photos from China where, apparently, keying luxury cars has become something of a past-time. I've often enough pointed out that China is not a socialist country, whether it's by looking at the macro-economics, the levels of class struggle, or the differential access to healthcare. I would add to this litany of evidence, the fact that the poor hate the rich. In fact, according to China Daily, 96% of the population feel there is resentment against the rich.
Yi Zhao, a civil servant from Guangdong province, admitted that he dislikes the rich.
"Most of them collect wealth at the expense of the poor. Take those real-estate manipulators for example. They control the property market aiming for a higher price and a considerable profit," he said.
"On the other hand, I simply can't accept the skyrocketing prices. Isn't it unfair to the majority who are unable to afford an apartment, even if we squeeze together the savings of three generations?"
You'll be glad to know that just like here, the rich in China are also self-important and self-deluded pricks who think that they got where they are because they're so damn smart.
"If those people have the time to hate us and envy us, why don't they spend the time working, using diligence and intelligence?"
Well, maybe because they know what was pointed out in an article on the Wall Street Journal blog, that 90% of China's private sector ruling class are, in fact, the children of top government officials. Whether the economy has been organized primarily through the state or the market, it continues to be the same people and their children who benefit, generation after generation. They're not so different from us after all. But still, you shouldn't key their cars. Unless you really want to and there's a good chance you could get away with it...
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