Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tories Make The Best Stalinists

I just read in the Toronto Star that Stephen Harper's Tories spent a hundred grand on a staged event in Cambridge to provide "an update on its economic recovery program." It was supposed to be a town hall event where people could grill the Great Helmsman himself. But anybody who thought that Stephen Harper, the king of the staged "ordinary family" event would be facing anything but sycophants and a paid actor or two was dreaming in technicolour:

"The event turned what the opposition Liberals had hoped would be an uncomfortable exercise in government transparency into a slick campaign-style rally for Conservative party faithful."

In total there's to be three of these things, where Stephen Harper gets to wave and smile as "Joe the Plumber" tells him what a great job he's doing for working Canadians. According to the Star "critics" are saying it's the latest example of a "Tory penchant for leveraging public money for partisan gain." Now, there's a hilarious understatement. Joe Stalin could have taken pointers from these guys though without TV poor Uncle Joe was forced to erect statues to himself everywhere. Though he did have some pretty flashy white suits to demonstrate that he was a cut above everybody else. Perhaps a little fashion change is in order for our Prime Minister?
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