Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Live Stream: 48-Hour Greek General Strike Against Austerity

The fight is on. Greek workers are under a massive assault as international bankers, speculators, governments and capitalists try to force a brutal austerity package down their throats. Last year's austerity has already doubled the unemployment rate to 16% and led to a collapse of government revenues as incomes decline and the economy collapses - leading to more debt, more austerity, etc. ad infinitum. The next two days is key as the government votes on the next round of austerity and the fire sale of Greece's publicly owned assets. And the outcome is anything but assured with numbers of the governing PASOK's MPs threatening to vote against the package.
If the Greek government, backed by international pressure from global capital, can defeat the most militant working class in Europe, it will make it that much easier to impose austerity across Europe and North America. Conversely, if the Greeks can soundly defeat their government's austerity plans, it will give confidence to workers in other countries who are facing their own assault on living standards and the welfare state. I'd hazard to say that it would give confidence to workers in Canada who face the Tory axe. Let's hope that the Greeks win big.
Meantime, you can watch the live stream of the 48 hour general strike below.

Greece begins 48-hour general strike | World news | guardian.co.uk
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