Friday, June 24, 2011

G20 Inquiry: T.O. Cops Plead Stupidity, Incompetence

Tell me this, if your boss gave you the power to use any resources at the disposal of the company to organize an event, along with the help of half of the entire workforce - plus hundreds more people from other workplaces - and six months to plan for the event - if you screwed it up so bad that you were the laughing stock of the entire planet and the subject of three inquiries, do you think that you'd not only still have a job but that you'd get a raise?

Fat. Fucking. Chance.

Unless you're the cops. Then you can have the power of de facto martial law, along with vast quantities of weapons, bolstered numbers, detention centres and support from the pro-cop media and the lap dogs on Toronto City Council - including the so-called left. You can still fuck it up, break into the homes of families while they're sleeping, tear off the artificial leg of a protestor (seriously) as he cries out in pain, make the biggest mass arrests in national history - almost all released without charges - and claim afterwards "gee, we just didn't know what we were doing."

Seriously. It has to be a joke somebody is playing on us. Did an internal police inquiry really just shrug and say "hey, we were confused and didn't have any good planning." And we're supposed to swallow that even with $1 billion (!?) and six months that they couldn't figure out how to deal with a few dozen anarchists who wanted to go and throw themselves at a fence and break a couple of shop windows? I mean, half the planet has seen the video of the police marching away from about a dozen Black Bloc morons kicking in the window at a Second Cup at Yonge & College. And an equal number (yes, that means the entire planet) have seen the video of the police hanging out around the corner - doing nothing - while the "abandoned" police car is set alight by another half dozen morons less than 200 metres away. Frankly, I'd prefer to think that the police are so diabolical that they allowed property damage to happen in order to justify the security budget. The other possibility is too pathetic to contemplate. Do we need to include a line item in the police budget to remind them to breathe?

There is also this sweet little tidbit:

"The report also discusses organizational problems at the temporary detention centre, which may explain why prisoners were deprived of food and water and not released quickly enough."

"Duh, we didn't know how to turn on a tap and fill some buckets with water." They had a billion dollars and they couldn't buy a half dozen freaking pizzas to feed the people that they KNEW they'd be arresting (otherwise why did they have a temporary detention centre set up with cages) and that they therefore knew they would have a legal obligation to provide with the necessities of life? Is this seriously any kind of an excuse? Could anybody claim this level of incompetence and not be immediately shit-canned? Here in Toronto the police can - and they can expect to see their budget increased year after year. They already comprise the single biggest line item in the Toronto budget, soaking up a quarter of all our tax money.

Here's a thought, let's spend our money on swimming pools, youth centres, after school programs, social programs, literacy programs, employment programs, childcare. If we spread the money around to lots of different services not only will they fight crime more effectively (nothing like jobs and good services to bring down crime rates), but by also diversifying the management structures it will make it less likely that so much money will be controlled by gleeful, self-confessed morons.

Toronto Police say they lacked effective tactics to deal with G20 - The Globe and Mail
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