Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty Is An Asshole

Hey, sometimes you want to be all intellectual and stuff; analyze underlying trend and put it in its proper context to provoke scholarly debate. But some shit just deserves to be called by its regular name.
This guy was all for spending $1 billion on a security boondoggle for the G20. He supports the billions spent in Afghanistan to kill people and prop up warlords and drug traffickers. He is happy to provide subsidies to the oil sands - perhaps the most environmentally destructive petro project on the planet. And, he and his Tory government get boners at the thought of blowing $30 billion for a fighter jet that doesn't even work. But provide stable funding to a proven theatre festival that draws crowds of thousands every year and contributes to the cultural landscape of Toronto? "Don't count on it."
Where I come from, that makes him an asshole and, just in case they haven't, someone needs to tell him that.

Flaherty to cultural institutions: Annual funding? Don’t count on it - The Globe and Mail
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