Monday, February 11, 2008

Tom Cruise, Whackjob

Here's the Tom Cruise Scientology recruitment video. I admit that it's perhaps cheap and degrading to put something up in which a famous person demonstrates how clearly they have come unhinged from reality. But, then, I've never claimed to NOT be cheap and degraded. And I think it's never a bad thing to de-bunk the star mystique, the idea that glamorati are somehow better, smart, faster than the rest of us. This video will disabuse you of that notion - or there's no help for you.
What I find so fascinating about this video is not just that it's the ravings of a cult member but that he doesn't actually SAY anything. Sure, there's all sorts of cliches about changing lives, etc. but if you can tell me what Tom actually prescribes, other than joining the Scientologists, I'll send you five dollars.

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