Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Could The Liberals Get Any More Pathetic?

Not to disappoint his followers that he is a weak, gelatinous leader with neither charisma nor principles, Stephane Dion is mooting that the Liberals will find one more reason to let the hated Tories stand. It's not their popularity. It's not the quality of their policies. Why then? Because the Liberals don't want to fight an election until their poll numbers are better, particularly in Quebec.
Of course, they could boost their numbers by fighting on popular policies - like pulling the troops out of Afghanistan, or a better bail-out package for Quebec and Ontario's collapsing manufacturing base. But they support the war, even if they sometimes make noises to the contrary for the benefit of our shallow media. And they aren't interested in state intervention to save jobs. That is, they know that the difference between the Liberals and the Tories is so slim you could drop in some marijuana and roll it up into a spliff. And they'd probably prefer if we were all high, then, once they finally do jump we won't notice that they are a corrupt, right wing outfit with a weak and gelatinous leader, lacking charisma and principles.
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